Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tournament Photos April 21, 2018 #1

The Whole Motley International Pickleball Crew
Players came from Castlegar, Trail, Glade, Procter, Fruitvale, and Nelson BC, and Danville WA.

Cal & Marcie (Glade), Winners Group A, Kelly and Laurel (Castlegar), Winners Group B
Linell and Craig (Danville, WA)

John & Gloria, Linell & Craig

Timekeeper & Whistleblower Extraordinaire, Janet


Ben & Sage, Kim & Doug (Nelsonites)

Anne & Dana (Winners Group D), and Ben

Kelly & Laurel (Castlegar) - Group B Winners


Shay (Fruitvale)

Tricia, Ben (Nelson)

Henry, Janet's right-hand-man.

Rick of Trail (Winner with Deb in Group C), Joe, Chris, and Peter

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