Winter (indoor) play is in Mary Hall Gym in Selkirk College's 10th St. Campus). Summer (outdoor) play is at LVR (Nelson High School) or Lakeside Park courts. Signup for winter play at this link. Nelson Pickleball Club membership is separate from membership in the Nelson Tennis Club, which gives you access to the new outdoor courts at the LVR High School, or you can pay a $5 user fee (honour system box is on the outside of the shed) behind the tennis courts. Click here for the Nelson Pickleball Club CODE OF CONDUCT and MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM. All members, old and new, need to fill out a membership form, which you can bring with you when playing at Mary Hall. CLUB MEMBERSHIP is $30 for 2020-21 (May 1-April 30); it includes membership in PCO (Pickleball Canada), which includes insurance, and PBC (Pickleball BC). Everyone is welcome to play at any time, but playing fees are reduced for members when playing indoors.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Directive from Pickleball BC

The following is a letter from Pickleball BC, based on directives from Public Health's Dr. Henry and viaSport:

Another COVID Update    March 3, 2021

This week Dr. Bonnie Henry extended all current restrictions through March 16 - at least.
This means - no changes to our play formats, gathering sizes, or travel to play - sport related. Let me reiterate the salient points:
  1. No more than four (4) people 'gathering' in a location, and they must maintain 2 m separation.
  2. When participating in a sporting activity - like on the pickleball court - players must be able to maintain a 3 m separation at all times. This generally means singles pickleball.
  3. Exception - doubles play is permitted if your PARTNER lives in the same house as you.
  4. You can play at your HOME CLUB only - you are not permitted to travel to other Club locations. If your HOME CLUB has 2 or more normal play locations you may play at any of them. If you are a member of more than 1 Club you must decide which is your HOME CLUB and play within its' area - you are not permitted to travel and play with or at the other clubs you may be a member of. CHOOSE ONE!
The intent is to limit social interaction between areas and groups - limit the opportunity for COVID to spread. Do your part!
It is expected that Clubs that are operating or have play happening in their areas be cognizant and participate with these measures of public COVID safety.
Additional information - the PCO website had some erroneous data and instructions with respect to COVID protocols - I have had that information taken down.
The 'rules' and restrictions for pickleball are not the same as other sports, what they can do we may not be able to - sorry.
Finally - the restrictions placed on pickleball play are NOT Pickleball BC mandates - they come from our Public Health Dr. Henry and viaSport. As such they apply to ALL pickleball play in BC - not just Pickleball BC members.

Let us ALL do our part to be careful and follow our Provincial orders and guidelines for the long term benefit of us all.

Please do your part.


Walter Knecht


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