Winter (indoor) play is in Mary Hall Gym in Selkirk College's 10th St. Campus). Summer (outdoor) play is at LVR (Nelson High School) or Lakeside Park courts. Signup for winter play at this link. Nelson Pickleball Club membership is separate from membership in the Nelson Tennis Club, which gives you access to the new outdoor courts at the LVR High School, or you can pay a $5 user fee (honour system box is on the outside of the shed) behind the tennis courts. Click here for the Nelson Pickleball Club CODE OF CONDUCT and MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM. All members, old and new, need to fill out a membership form, which you can bring with you when playing at Mary Hall. CLUB MEMBERSHIP is $30 for 2020-21 (May 1-April 30); it includes membership in PCO (Pickleball Canada), which includes insurance, and PBC (Pickleball BC). Everyone is welcome to play at any time, but playing fees are reduced for members when playing indoors.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Balfour Daze West Arm Pickleball Tourney

When: Balfour Courts (behind Balfour Community Hall)
Where: Saturday July 6th – 8am – 1pm
Cost: $15, includes lunch
Register/Sign-Up go to July 6th
Deadline to register July 2nd
FORMAT: Round-Robin 7 Games + 1 playoff (8 games per person)
Fun Focus - Levels 3.0 – 4.0
32 players / 4 groups / 8 players per group
Kangaroo style (No partners, no teams)
Each player plays with and against players in own group
Each player awarded points per game
12 minutes games or score to 15 – whichever comes first


Thursday, June 13, 2019

If you have been playing pickleball lately you will have noticed how busy it is at the LVR courts. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of our Tennis Club friends, the project is proceeding at a steady pace. This means there is quite a bit of heavy equipment in the area. To alleviate congestion and to make it easier for the operators, PLEASE PARK in the LVR PARKING AREA (entrance is on Davies, not Cottonwood). 

Again, thank you to the Tennis Club for all you have done to help put Pickleball on the map in Nelson.

Today your committee met to consider your many suggestions re scheduling at the LVR courts. We have tried to accommodate as  many of your wishes as possible, however it is probably not possible to please everyone. We want to welcome all players at all levels of play, and in doing so bring people together in a social "club" setting, while sharing the courts fairly. Our aim is to provide opportunities for each and every one of you to enjoy games at a skill level that is both comfortable for newer players and challenging for more experienced players. 

The following is what we perceive to be the best solution for all:

So that you do  not arrive at the courts with nobody to play with, and to quell the dozens of emails that fly about daily asking who might be playing, we believe that an unlimited signup for daily open play at 8:00AM at LVR will work well. This is the URL for signup:  - 
Although signing up is not mandatory, it would be common courtesy to do so, so that others will know approximately how many will be playing. If there are too many signed up, some may choose to play at Lakeside. 

A sign on the gate to the LVR Pickleball courts gives information about court fees.

More competitive players will have the opportunity to sign up for play Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 6:30PM. This will be limited to 14 more experienced players. 

For players who wish to organize their own foursomes to play at either LVR or Lakeside, there is still plenty of opportunity to do so.

We hope this will please the majority of players. Thanks for hanging in there with us over the past couple of weeks as we have sought to find the best solutions for summer play at LVR. 

Doug, Tricia and Gloria

Play Schedule

Fall / winter play begins October 1.

Join us at Selkirk College's Mary Hall as of October 1 every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for a Pickleball rental day. Five courts wil...