Monday, January 22, 2018

Welcome new players

We have had several new players join the pickleball ranks over the past month. Doug has set up a "signup" system for players to get together to practice the game. Thanks Doug. Go to the "Sign-up" page here to reserve a time. The reason for this Signup system is because Selkirk has limited the number of pickleball players to a maximum of ten in the gym on multi-use days. The day/time randomly selected for new players is every Wednesday at 2PM. This time will be available as long as Selkirk College's Mary Hall website shows a "Multi-use" time and there is space in the gym. Of course all players are welcome to play any day of the week at any time during rental days and Selkirk's multi-use times. Scroll to the bottom of the blog for more information.

Play Schedule

Fall / winter play begins October 1.

Join us at Selkirk College's Mary Hall as of October 1 every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for a Pickleball rental day. Five courts wil...